• Trip to England - June 2014

    The walking tour ! A competition !
    The day before we left for London, I twisted my knee so I left France with a wheel chair and crutches. Once in London, after a cruise on the Thames, we met our host family. They were very sweet and warm with us.
    The next day, we left the host family and went to the coach with a taxi. It was a good day! We visited the British museum. It was very big. We saw the Statue of Ramesses II, a temple / tomb and the Parthenon frieze. It was interesting but it was (...)

  • Meanwhile, in Grand-Couronne - June 2014

    Meanwhile, in Grand-Couronne on the first day while my schoolmates were in London, we started school later than usual. We were really glad because we usually start early. At 9 o’clock, my schoolmates and I had a history period in the computer room. We revised this year’s curriculum and the period after, in French we went to the computer room again but for 2 hours.

  • DAY 3 IN LONDON - June 2014

    A very cool day

  • The trip to London : Tuesday May 20th – Friday May 23rd - June 2014

    On Tuesday May 20th, we left Grand-Couronne at 6:15 am. Nobody was tired because we had been waiting for that day for a long time. We took the bus to Calais and then the Ferry to Dover: The view was very beautiful and the crossing pleasant: We visited the ferry, ate... We arrived in England at 11:15 am : It was very strange to drive on the left and take roundabouts in the other direction. When we arrived in London, we were excited and happy because the journey was a little long and we knew (...)