Published 20 June 2014
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The trip to London : Tuesday May 20th – Friday May 23rd

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On Tuesday May 20th, we left Grand-Couronne at 6:15 am. Nobody was tired because we had been waiting for that day for a long time. We took the bus to Calais and then the Ferry to Dover: The view was very beautiful and the crossing pleasant: We visited the ferry, ate... We arrived in England at 11:15 am : It was very strange to drive on the left and take roundabouts in the other direction. When we arrived in London, we were excited and happy because the journey was a little long and we knew that London was a very beautiful city.
We started that day in London with a small cruise on the Thames and we saw lots of beautiful Monuments such as Tower Bridge : It was just wonderful!
After, we walked to Westminster where we saw Big Ben : It was really more impressive than what I had imagined.
On that day, we saw Buckingham Palace too.
At 5:00 pm, we returned to the bus. We were a little anxious because we didn’t know our host family. At 7:00pm, we met them : My family was very nice. With my school mates, Thomas and Nicolas, we slept in the same bedroom : it was small but I had lots of fun with them.

On Wednesday morning, we visited the British Museum. We saw the Parthenon frieze, the Rosetta stone, mummies … I enjoyed sightseeing more than discovering museums but still, it was very interesting.
We had lunch at Covent Garden. It’s a very beautiful place. We had our first «free time » there to do shopping.
In the afternoon, we did a walking tour: we saw many monuments : St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower bridge, The Tower of London and famous buildings such as The cheese grater, The shard ... For this tour, there were two groups and my group engaged in a competition against the other one. We had the time to see more monuments than the other team. To be perfectly honest, it was quite normal because they had had to start 15 minutes after us. Anyway it was a perfect day with lots of fun. On that day, during the tour, I spoke with people in the street to know two/three answers ( Name of a monument...). They were very nice. It was a very good experience.

On Thursday morning, we visited the Tate Britain: It’s an art Museum. We saw lots of beautiful paintings such as Turner’s Battle of Trafalgar and many strange things like Bacon’s Study for a Portrait or an installation called Elephant.
In the afternoon, we did some shopping but as we were walking, a storm broke out. It was horrible but fortunately after five minutes, we found shelter in Picadilly : there, we could see the biggest advertising screen.
Luckily, the sun came back for shopping time.
But normally, we were supposed to visit the Churchill war rooms. But two teachers were in hospital with one of my schoolmate who had twisted her leg so unfortunately there wasn’t enough teachers for the visit.

Yes, already the last day...
On Friday morning, we visited the beautiful cathedral of Canterbury : It was a relaxing time. At midday, we had lunch in a pub : we ate fish and chips. I didn’t know this dish but it was delicious . At 2:00pm, we headed back to France. The trip was overly short. I was « sad » because we were leaving England whereas for four days, the atmosphere had been excellent, monuments wonderful and I had liked speaking English with my host Family : It was a perfect trip!!

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