Published 20 June 2014
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Trip to England

Day 2

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The walking tour ! A competition !

The day before we left for London, I twisted my knee so I left France with a wheel chair and crutches. Once in London, after a cruise on the Thames, we met our host family. They were very sweet and warm with us.

The next day, we left the host family and went to the coach with a taxi. It was a good day! We visited the British museum. It was very big. We saw the Statue of Ramesses II, a temple / tomb and the Parthenon frieze. It was interesting but it was complicated with the wheelchair.
We had lunch in Covent Garden! The free time was nice!

In the afternoon we went for a walk. We had an assignment. We had to find the names of buildings such as The Shard, the Town hall, Saint Paul’s Cathedral... We loved that so much that, in the end we really played the game and ended up running.