Published 25 June 2013
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Ashley Benson

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My favourite star is definitely Ashley Benson because she plays in my favourite series.

Ashley Benson was born on 18th December 1889 in California .
Her full name is Ashley Victoria Benson and her nickname is Benzo.
She is an actress and a model.
When she was only 10, she had already played in an advertisement.
Ashley played in ’’30 ans sinon rien’’ in 2004.
She played in ’’American Girl 4’’ in 2007, her first leading role and appeared in the music video for the group NLT in 2008.
Her last film is ’’Spring Breakers’’ with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine.
She has also been playing in ’’Pretty Little Liars’’ since 2010.
Since 2004 she has played in 7 films and 13 series.

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